Friday, May 27, 2005


Oil on canvas. 18" x 24"

I started this painting years ago, as a gift to Sharon when we graduated college. I showed it to her, but I told her I wasn't happy with it so I wouldn't let her keep it. Then I realized that I had to completely re-paint her head because I didn't have the right angle. That took awhile, but finally it started to look like her and I was happy. And the timing worked out just right becuase she married Anthony at the end of May and that gave me a perfect deadline to finish it by. So this was my wedding present to them. Of course, I had to explain to Anthony that the guy in the background was a figment of my imagination. For reference, I used a picture I had from Puerto Rico, but it was really small and dark. Sharon is a beautiful woman and I really liked this expression in her face. It could be interpreted as so many different things...that's why I had to put the guy in background--to keep you guessing!


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